200 hearts

Join the 200Hearts program and save a LIFE!  It is the goal of VOOM Foundation to perform 200 open-heart procedures per year in at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) in Enugu, Nigeria.  Each year, VOOM Foundation sends several medical teams recruited across the United States to perform open-heart surgery for patients suffering from various heart ailments who would otherwise perish. 

In 2013, and through a partnership with UNTH, VOOM Foundation restarted the abandoned open-heart program in Nigeria.  VOOM medical teams have performed a total of 130 open-heart procedures exceeding the total number of cardiac procedures in the previous 26 years of the entire program, prior to closure.

JOIN our 200Hearts Team!  $5,000 grants one patient open-heart surgery.  This cost includes patient costs such as pre-op evaluations, surgery supplies, medications and hospital costs related to patient surgery.

Each donor will receive heart  recognition for each life saved. To join, click   2 0 0   H e a r t s  to download the form.


200HEARTS Donors!


Ann & Vincent Ohaju


Charity Wip


Reza Khodaverdian



Melissa Oliver


Guinaaz & Raza Khan


Susan & John O’Brien


Joey & Eric Wylie


Anna Hatchett


Pat & Cindy Monroe


Robert Saunders


Chris & Craig Borchardt


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